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Wagon wheels and country views! Rustic farm home with ample square footage located on 8 acres of land. Covered front and rear porches, mature trees and private trails through the haunted woods. Explore the many possibilities. Our farm house was built in the 1820's and then expanded in the 1930's with an active stone cellar said to be the home of many many spirits! During the Civil War, this property was a Field hospital used by both confederated and union soldiers. Many artifacts have been found on the property such as flasks, eating utensils, buttons, belt buckles and much much more! There is also evidence of this land once being inhabited by Native Americans due to the large amounts of arrowheads found and mounds on the property. 

We also are home to the graves of Walter and Mary. Walter was a Confederate soldier who was buried on the property during the Civil War. He is a very active spirit and has been communicated with throughout the property, both in and outside of the house. Mary was a 2 day old baby girl. Toys are left for her by her grave. Toys will go missing and also found off the grave stone after placing them down on top. She is known for not liking anything on top of her grave stone. A picture was taken during an investigation of what looks like  a little girl behind a tree, next to her grave.

  Outside of the civil war we have also experienced personal encounters with peoples loved ones as well as car accident victims.

Come and investigate the Haunted Trails of Gettysburg and see for yourself ! You will not be disappointed. We hold both public and private investigations. We also will host camp-outs for those who wish to spend the night on the haunted trails. Cozy up by the fire before, during and after the investigation and share any personal experiences you might of had. 

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Each tour will begin around a warm, cozy campfire, while we explain the history about the home, property and the battle that happened here! After the history, the tours will then take off either in the trails or the cellar, this is when the paranormal side of the tour begins! 

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